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Private Please

Gabrielle, I bet your clients don't often tell you they owe you their lives, but in my case it comes close. I did the MRI (that the doctor recommended two years ago) but the outcome was not what I had expected. It turns out I did have a stroke... Considering my mother is in a nursing home due to stroke, and one of her uncles also stroked-out, this should come as no surprise... But for your persistence (that I complete the prescribed MRI), I probably would have continued to ignore this until it became catastrophic. I know that I (am ineligible for insurance) and can't give you my business, but I can give you my sincere gratitude. Thanks! Steve

NOTE: for privacy reasons, I had to severely redact Steve's testimonial. I've included it here because it is important testimonial in so many ways:
1. good health buys these policies, very few folks get healthier as they age - this is best considered when you are young. The icing on the cake is, you'll even spend less over time!  

2. if your agent does not start with a thorough prequalification of your medical, she/he is a salesperson, not an advocate- find a new agent. It costs nothing to work with an agent who specializes in LTC. 

3. Carriers get one shot to determine whether or not they want to accept the several hundred thousand dollar risk of insuring you. If your doctor recommended special tests, the carriers won't consider you for coverage until those tests are completed. Steve's testimonial show why.


Mr. Jack T Riggs

Working with Gabrielle was very convenient when I needed to obtain long term care insurance. She was very knowledgeable and responsive during the process. Also, the materials provided were very helpful.

K. Pearson Jennings

Gabrielle is amazing! She worked with me during a time that was extraordinarily difficult because of a family member's fight with cancer. She reached out when she noticed that I hadn't completed one part of the process. No one else would have noticed, but she cares about her clients and wants them to have the best. I trust Gabrielle because her actions speak to her integrity and compassion.

Wow, your kind words make it all worthwhile, thank you.

Joseph Haydock

Gabrielle was efficient and helpful; the whole process of obtaining a LTC policy went smoothly.

Rachelle Strawther

Gabrielle worked with me to deliver fast results on a long-term care coverage plan, and was flexible in finding a time to have the conversation. I recommend her for others looking for this important and critical coverage.

It was my pleasure to help!


Lauren Rogers

Gabrielle was fantastic! She was knowledgeable and so patient when answering my questions. I appreciate her time walking me through the process. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!

Thank you!



Gabrielle did a great job explaining the various options. She was patient and willing to re-explain sections again when I needed more clarity. Would absolutely work with her again.

Happy to help!


Gwynne Shillings

Gabrielle Gelo was great to work with. She was able to address all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend contacting her if you are considering a long term policy.

Thank you for taking the time to let others know. I hope you never have to claim on this, but I will be there, if you do.

charles conrad

I've never said this about anyone involved in the insurance industry, and probably never will do so again, but Gabrielle is spectacular--knowledgeable, personable, honest about the strengths and limitations of the policies she is selling, pretty much everything you would want to see in a professional in any industry.

Wow, such kind, and thoughtful words! I will try to remember them as I work with my new clients, thank you!



Gabrielle helped me to secure a LTC policy for my wife and me. She made the process very easy and was very prompt. I appreciate her excellent customer service.

Thank you for taking the time to help others feel comfotable with this!


Lynn Blake

My husband and I recently moved to Texas from another state and were looking to possibly change our long term care insurance. I contacted Gabrielle's office for advice on whether a change was prudent. She was absolutely marvelous. After our initial conversation, she knew that probably a change would not be advised and still took her time to look for other options. In the end, she advised us to keep what we had. We certainly appreciate her honesty, concern and time. We definitely recommend her to anyone wanting an honest, knowledgeable and concerned representative.

I'm glad that I was able to be helpful!



My husband and I applied LTC thru Kaiser Permanente program and Gabrielle was the one who immediately response to my inquiry. She explained to any questions I have clearly . She is easy to talk to. She engages in pleasant and courteous conversations. She very patient and immediately response any changes we asked. And she was able to get our approval in less than a week. I will definitely recommend Gabrielle to my friends and family.

Alma & Eduardo

Gabrielle has been one of the best agents I have had the pleasure of dealing with. She answers your questions and gives you her undivided attention. I had additional questions after I had spoken with her and her response was fast and helped me make my decision before our next appointment. She does not pressure you and gives you examples that you can understand. What I particularly liked was her sharing her own life experiences to help make our decision. We have peace of mind with our selection and are very happy that Gabrielle is our agent for Long Term Care Insurance.  

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, future clients really do find these helpful, as do I. I hope you never have to use this, but I will be there to help, if you do!



Gabrielle made the process least painful for us and answered all of our queries to our full satisfaction. She is someone who cares genuinely for the welfare of her clients. Thank you!

"Knowing what I know, what would I do, if I were them?" I must ask myself that question a thousand times a day, it resolves any conflict in my recommendations, and ensures I am always serving as my clients' advocate. I am glad you found it helpful.

Israel Liberzon

Excellent, professional service. Thank you!

Michael and Robin

Working with Gabrielle was great because she took the time to listen and understand our needs. She answered all of our questions and helped us find a LTC insurance solution that was right for us. She is a true professional and I would recommend her expertise if you need a LTC solution.

Lori James

Gabrielle has been wonderful to work with. She was patient in providing us with information regarding the importance of having LTC, as well as a thorough explanation of what to expect during the application process. Even after getting approved for a policy, she has still be quite helpful to us by answering our questions about the policy. We are so happy that we have had the opportunity to work with her.

The pleasure was all mine, I hope you never need this, but I will be there if you do.


Bret and Karen

We heard about Long Term Care through work and we were contacted by Gabrielle who was very knowledgeable with the insurance program. Gabrielle took the time and answered all of our questions and concerns to help us determine which insurance would benefit us. We really appreciate it. Thank you

What an exciting opportunity your employer has created for you! The discounts and easier underwiting make this available to folks who could never have qualified on their own. I glad to have helped you navigate it.


Carlos and Lali Munoz

Gabrielle Gelo has been very helpful and informative on long term health care. She answered all our questions and gave us other options. We are grateful and relieved. We recently placed my father in a nursing home and has been a big eye opener for us. I never want to feel a burden on our only child. Thank you Gabrielle for easing our minds.

I look forward to helping you in the years to come, too. Thanks for the trust.


Jack Schultz

I recently signed up for Long Term Care insurance with Gabrielle and found it to be a very simple and streamlined process thanks to her professionalism and very organized approach. I would highly recommend working with her as she is very experienced and equipped to answer all of your questions regarding LTC insurance.

It was my pleasure, thank you! Gabrielle

Heather P

Gabriello Gelo was very helpful, informative, and knowledgeable about the various Long Term Care options. Even though I was hesitant about another insurance, it has eased my mind to know that it is there if there is ever a need (hopefully not). She assisted me in options that were available for my budget and what would help me for long term. Thank you for all you do!

I really enjoyed working with you. I also hope that you never need to use this, but I'll be there to help if you do! Congratulations on adding this to your PEACE OF MIND list!


Pamela Hans

I am thankful to the Lord for this Long Term Care Insurance. It is a relief to know that if the need arises, it will not put an unnecessary burden on my family. Gabrielle Gelo was very helpful and honest regarding all that is offered. She helped me choose the plan best for me as well as help through the whole process. I know if I have further questions, she will be available to help then too. This is something that everyone should consider. Thank you!

It was my pleasure!



Gabrielle, what you have done for us, in spite of some steep challenges, was creative, persistent, generous, kind, successful, and very special! Thank you!

Michael and Ida

My husband and I have been Gabrielle's clients since 2011. We decided to set up an appointment with her because we received a letter about a premium increase and had many questions regarding this. She explained everything in detail, presented us with various scenarios and gave us options. After speaking with her we felt much better and were able make an informed decision about keeping our policy at it's current rate. Gabrielle is very honest, knowledgeable, and articulate in explaining Long Term Care benefits. We greatly appreciate her time and assistance.

Clients like you are what has kept me doing this for over a decade now. Thank YOU for making it worthwhile.


Diane and Karl Green

Gabrielle Gelo was so kind and helpful explaining the benefits of Long Term Care Insurance. We are glad to be approved, and feel we have taken the necessary steps if care is needed. Gabrielle's knowledge of the insurance made us feel very comfortable as we discussed the different plans.

It was my pleasure to be able to help. Good for you for seeing the need for this and getting it done!


spouse of client on claim

Thanks for filing (the monthly invoice) Gabrielle — and again for your help getting new site approved. I am reminded monthly how fortunate we were to find you 10 years ago and to listen to your guidance!

I am happy to be of good service to you and so happy that you are not having to personally write out those $8,000 monthly checks for your wife's care. Keep me informed and take care.


Jane C.

I highly recommend Gabrielle. She was punctual, extremely knowledgeable, and kind. Her handling of my insurance made a worrisome task ray and pleasant. I’m very pleased with the insurance she helped me obtain and my son, an attorney, fella confident she will continue to be helpful and supportive should the need arise to use the insurance

John Barnes

Gabrielle did a great job of educating me about long term care. I knew virtually nothing about it, but now I have it. It's a load off my mind, especially with some health history that made me fear I couldn't get long term care insurance.

Glad to help! There are many people who won't even look because they assume they will not be able to medically qualify, but there are many options available today so I can usually meet their need somehow. The important thing is to have a plan!


Chris Wickham & Sherry Whitmore

Long Term Care insurance is not just for seniors. At any time of life there can be illnesses, accidents or other emergencies where long term care is needed. We have been fortunate in that respect, but there is no doubt in hindsight that we should have made the decision to buy LTC insurance earlier than we did. Watching a parent’s need for long term care move from a possibility, to a likelihood, to a certainty only reinforced our resolve to make sure we have insurance coverage in place. Gabrielle has been an unbelievably patient and generous agent- advocate during the selection and application processes. Patient with us and our doctors, who were often slow to release records; generous with her time and energies in taking our phone calls and marshaling our documentation. Her profound knowledge of her field and her grace and understanding when we encountered bumps in the road gave us complete reassurance that we were in the best hands. Given the commitment and competence Gabrielle has shown, we look forward with confidence to her being there to help us if and when the time comes for us to make our claims. Thank you, Gabrielle.

Dayton Schrader

I was referred to Gabrielle Gelo by Ben Gurwitz. I have the utmost respect for Ben and anyone he is aligned with. Gabrielle did not disappoint. She was professional, informed, informative, patient and gracious. We really enjoyed working with her. We purchased a LT Care policy and Gabrielle helped us through the whole process. I highly recommend her and hold her in the highest regard.

Very Kind, thank you!


Raul Soto

The information and service that Gabrielle Gelo, provided was exceptional, it helped to clear up some of the many questions we had about long term care. We had little hope going in that we would be able to qualify for any LTC coverage considering how long we waited to act. Your knowledge and expertise was evident in how you were able to address the issues confronting us as we pursued getting LTC coverage. Now that the approvals have come in and policies will be in place, it gives us a sigh of relief because the burden of LTC coverage has been lifted. We appreciate and thank you for all you did to make that happen.

I enjoyed meeting you both in the Continuing Education class offered by the school district, and I am so glad that we were able to find a plan the you find meaningful and affordable. I hope you never need to use it, but it you do, I will be there to help!



Gabrielle was very professional and helpful in showing us how to navigate all the decisions involved in choosing the right plan for us. She helped us talk through the issues, address our concerns and need, and made us feel that she cared about our situation. I was quite impressed and would eagerly recommend her to anyone. I'm glad I finally listened to the friend who recommended her to me. My only regret is that I wish I'd met her sooner.

I am glad that I could be helpful to you, and glad that you have addressed this risk for your family.


David Dozier

Gabrielle was very helpful in giving me options for Long Term Care. Even though the LTC was too expensive she had other options for me and I feel comfortable with the plan I got. She walked me the thru the whole process and I feel very comfortable. Thanks!

It was my pleasure!


Tina Blackwell

Gabrielle is great! She took the time to answer all my questions and help me find the Long Term Care policy that was right for me. I highly recommend her! She was able to get a variety of quotes and helped find the one that fit my budget. I hope I don't ever have to use my long term care policy. But I sleep better at night, just knowing that I've done what I can to prepare for the future.... just in case.

Your intuition is good- insurance is all about trading a financial risk that would be catastrophic to our family for a premium for which we can budget.  Welcome aboard!



Your Long term care story really moved me. I had the opposite conversation with my mother at the age of 29 after my father died in a VA hospital after suffering from what was probably Lewy bodies – – a diagnosis that didn’t exist in 1990. She wanted to give me a share of his very small life insurance policy and I asked her to use it to buy long-term health care insurance because, while she also had six kids, I couldn’t guarantee we would be in a position to take care of her when the time came. I told her that while I might be able to help her cover premiums, it was likely we would all struggle if she had some catastrophic long-term need. As it was, I found myself at 26 sending money home to pay for in-home and nursing home care for my dad just after having bought my first house. Without my mother’s two LTC policies, we would be struggling because at 89 she is in an assisted living facility that gives her great care and only 2 of the 6 of us have sufficient income to help.

Wow! If we live long enough,  life catches up; you were a much wiser 29 year old than I. I know now that when I talked my mom out of the insurance, I was really reassuring her that we all loved her, silly, she already knew that. Your story might help others realize the need to prepare for this life event, thank you for taking the time to share it.


Larry Wilsak

We had some complications with getting signed up for LTC. Gabrielle made sure we did what was needed to get it done. She is very knowledgeable about LTC insurance and the process. I have been in sales my whole life and tend to be cynical toward almost all sales people. Gabrielle is a true professional. If you are at her website reading this, you can stop looking and get in touch with her. Thanks for the help.

I appreciate the kind words, am happy to have been able to help.


Kathleen Finck

I feel very fortunate to have worked with Gabrielle Gelo to find just the right long-term care policy for my circumstances. Gabrielle is very knowledgeable and took the time to explain how long-term care policies work and the risk they address. She answered my questions and put me at ease about my future. With this policy in place, I know my assets will be there to pass on as I would like rather than be used up for my care. I would enthusiastically recommend Gabrielle to anyone interested in planning for their future.

You are right, too many folks think that it is all about the numbers, they forget that they worked hard for what they have. Most people prefer to leave it to kids or a favorite charity than to write out giant checks for custodial care every month.


Barbara Womack

Working with Gabrielle was such a pleasure! She was able to guide me through the process of obtaining long term care insurance and educated me on the benefits of having LTC. I have discovered it is just as important and possibly more important than having only financial wealth. It is such a relief having started this process at age 59 and not waiting until my later years. I cannot thank Gabrielle enough. She certainly made this process easy and is very knowledgeable on the topic of LTC insurance. Thank you Gabrielle!!

Working with YOU was a pleasure! I look forward to helping you in the years to come too!


Yolanda B

We are fortunate that we purchased the policy when we did… Duane’s diagnosis came just one year of purchasing the policy. Thank you for all you do. God bless! Yolanda B

Nobody thinks that they may one day need this... until the diagnosis. I am happy that the policy is helping you to keep Duane with you at home.

Janice Larkin

Gabrielle Gelo has been great to work with. She is most knowledgeable in Long Term Care and always respects your needs and works quickly to meet those needs. Her presentation over the web was so interactive, personal and easy to follow it was like being there in person. Her followup with us was outstanding. Her positive personality and extensive contacts in LTC has been a great resource to us for covering our needs. I would not hesitate to recommend Gabrlielle to others with LTC needs. She shows great commitment to the people she works with irregardless of their age or insure-ability. She provided dignity for our needs. Thanks

Entirely my pleasure, I am glad that you found it helpful.


Jacqueline McCallum

I had the pleasure of working with Gabrielle today regarding long term care insurance. She kindly reviewed my existing policy and needs including explaining to me facets of the policy where I did not have a full understanding. I found the time she took and care she provided to be of the highest level of customer service. She determined my existing policy was better than what she could offer at this time - no hard sell, just caring and kindness. I would recommend anyone looking into long term care insurance speak with Gabrielle first. She is really awesome.

Wow, such kind words, thank you!


Tessa Pollack

Thank you for all you've done to get us down a much better path with your understanding of our needs. We're most grateful to you for helping us to find long term care policy when for years nothing seemed within reach.

Adam M.

A huge thank you to Gabrielle for helping my wife and I complete our long term care coverage plan. Like usual I push these kind of future planning necessities off and usually forget, but because I expressed great interest, Gabrielle stayed patient with me and provided email updates to ensure I was taken care of. I hope I never have to use this coverage, but I feel safe knowing that this is one less thing that my family would have to worry about in the event that something goes wrong.

Thank you!



vic franek

I am 65 years old and just had my current policy for long term care go up 46% increase in both mine and my wifes monthly premium. I decided to check out other companies that have the same type long term care. Gabrielle called on a Saturday to assist me, she was wonderful to work with and so caring of my problem. She checked out other companies, and determined that I was better off staying with my current plan, so buying long term care at 50 was a good thing! Thank you so much Gabrielle for your patience, understanding, knowledge, and guidance with my problem. I will let friends know what a great and honest person you are ,God Bless, Vic Franek.

I'm glad I could help. I often field calls from folks in your situation and am happy to help them understand the value of what they already own. Premium increase stink...even the insurance carriers hate the hassle and additional expense that they cause, always remember that premium increases are an indication of the number of people claiming on their insurance! I hope that you won't be one of them, and with your insurance in place, you can rest easy. All the best.


John Dorman

Brilliant! I have worked in the health insurance business for over 20 years and I have met very few individuals with her level of knowledge and passion. She is truly one of the very best in the LTC industry. I would not hesitate in working with her and taking her advice. Even after we have had a policy in place, she continues to be there for questions that arise and offers excellent advice after carefully listening to your concerns.

Wow! Thank you for the kind words, I was happy to help.


Vincent & Linda Naselli

We were very pleased to have been connected to Gabrielle through our Rutgers Alumni association as we were investigating long-term care plans. Gabrielle was very helpful in guiding us to select the proper plan for our family and requirements. We appreciate her professionalism and the time taken to shepherd us through the process and answer our many questions. It is wonderful to have this action off of our "to-do list" and also enjoy the piece of mind it provides. We would recommend Gabrielle to anyone exploring this important component of future planning without reservation.

Thank you for the kind words and for taking time out of your busy schedule to help out others who are just starting in this process! I look forward to being your advocate in the years to come too.


Pamela Hines

It was a pleasure working with Gabrielle Gelo. I worked with her on getting a long term care policy set up. She was very attentive to what I was looking for, and even listened to the back story as to why it was important to me to have long term care. She was excellent at finding out where my understanding was on long term care, and filled in the blanks where I needed more information.

It was entirely my pleasure! I remain your advocate in the years to come as well! Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.


Nancy Moser

I found Gabrielle extremely knowledgeable and able to explain how the LTC policy is constructed and accessed by policy holders. She also provided me with publications that I found easy to understand. I will be recommending her to my friends looking at LTC.

I will treat your referrals like family, thank you for the opportunity to serve you.



Gabrielle was both friendly and professional while helping me understand and purchase LTC. She worked with me to find the policy that would suit my personal needs. I truly believe Gabrielle is someone I can count on should I ever need to use the policy.  

It is my personal goal to be there for my clients and their families at claim time, let's hope that time is a long ways away!


Carol and Ben Large

Gabrielle was an invaluable source to setting us in the right direction for these difficult decisions of life. She was always accessible with any questions I had and was gracious in her assistance. It was not too long after we set this in place, that my husband under went cardiac surgery which did not go well. This immediately kicked in and paid health expenses that were off the chart. Gabrielle is amazing and I recommend her at the highest level.

It was entirely my pleasure! I never like to see my clients have to go on claim, but it is a good feeling to see the insurance make a bad situation better.


Richard Diemer

My wife and I worked with Gabrielle several years ago to obtain the policy that was best for our situation. She answered all of our questions and assisted with the application process She has been a constant source of support and information over the years. I could not think of anyone better to work with for a LTC policy. She is with you every step of the way and stays with you after the policy is issued.

Thank you for the kind words, I am always happy to help.

James Hatch

My wife and I have been clients for over 5 years. Gabrielle found us a very good program thru John Hancock that allows my wife and I to combine/share each other's benefits if we ever need them. She listened to what we wanted, did her research and offered several policy choices that worked with our budget. We have enjoyed the quality support and service from Gabrielle and highly recommend her company.

My clients are like family, I've enjoyed every minute, thank you!


Gabrielle was wonderful in finding an appropriate policy for me in 2010, and has been approachable any time I had a question. She is knowledgeable and kind, using words and explanations that are totally understandable. She gives good advice, but isn't overpowering. She is the epitome of a good representative. I do recommend her services for anyone who needs long term care insurance.


I thought buying long term care insurance on my own would be relatively straight forward and simple. However, once I met with Gabrielle I realized how much I didn't know about purchasing a good policy. Trying to buy a policy on my own could have been a costly mistake. After meeting with Gabrielle, I realized how fortunate I was to have her working with me and my family. She is truly dedicated in assisting and providing her clients with the best long term care insurance available. Thank you Gabrielle!

You were fun to work with, happy to have helped you!


Debbie Hall

I was hesitant to address the needs of long term care insurance for fear the cost would be out of reach and I would not qualify. Gabrelle made it all so simple. She was informative and helpful in walking me throught the options of care available to me. I am very grateful for her help and now have a peace of mind for myself and my family.

It was my pleasure, glad to have helped.


Bob Cowan

Took out a Long Term Care with Gabrielle after she took time to explain terms,value and disability with me. Most knowledgeable. Don't go anywhere else. She is the Best.

Nancy and Jim

Having never explored long term care before, we found our visit with Gabrielle to be very informative. She made sure we understood each aspect of the different options available to us. She did not apply any pressure to purchase, but gave us the freedom to evaluate our needs. She was very pleasant to work with.

Thank you, so glad that it was helpful, entirely my pleasure!


michael everett

Our experience with Gabrielle was excellent. She worked with us until she located a product that will help us deal with long term health care costs. We appreciate her professionalism and working with us for a solution.

D Levy

Thank you so much for working on this with me! I have to say I learned a lot more in these few sessions with you than I've ever learned from others. Thanks again.

Charles and Vicki

Ms. Gelo was very patient with us as we worked to find long term care coverage. Our goals were to provide Vicki with care should she need it, and our family with financial protection. Ms. Gelo was able to find coverage for Vicki that achieved those goals. She treated us with courtesy and respect. We found her to be a professional and someone that cares about the people she serves. We greatly valued and appreciated the service she provided and highly recommend her to others searching for long term care coverage. 

Allison Moreland

I would certainly recommend Gabrielle to anyone looking for wisdom and assistance regarding long term care insurance. Watching my mom transition to long term care and hearing my friends discuss the issues with caring for their parents, I'm so grateful that my husband and I have already provided for our needs so our children won't have to worry!

Lana N

I was very impressed with Gabrielle's depth of knowledge relative to long term care insurance. She made the process of applying extremely easy and she quickly found a top company that would insure me! Getting this insurance gives me peace of mind and helps a lot in financial planning for my future retirement. Thank you, Gabrielle!

It was my pleasure, my clients are like family, welcome to the family! 


Oscar Monsibais, Jr.

Glenn and I thought we were semi-knowledgeable in LTC having dealt with it for our Mom and Dad. Were we wrong. Gabrielle was so thorough and patient. She made us feel as if she had nothing else to do but spend all the time in the world with us and answer all of our questions. We really appreciate her honesty and straight forward answers. She was very good at answering all of our questions, no matter how small or complicated. We look forward working with her in the future.

There are many agents out there, all quote the same rates, folks need to understand that what they are really shopping for is the agent that will be the best advocate today and in the future. I hope that I have earned your trust. Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to comment.


Shirley & Bob

We have just started down the path of getting LTC coverage, but already we know our go-to person is Gabrielle! She's been so helpful, informative and a joy to work with, and she knows her stuff! Most importantly, we feel we have a trusted advisor in Gabrielle.

I look forward to helping you with this.


B. M.

Never dreamed when Jane (name changed) and I purchased the policies from you that we would ever need coverage this early or for this purpose. Had envisioned nursing home care "eventually". I guess we never know, do we? But cannot thank you enough for steering us to such a good company. You are a real PRO!

I am sorry for what your family is going through but happy that the benefits we chose are working so well for you. I will assist you through the claims process so that you can concentrate on your family, take care.



Gabrielle is a godsend to my mother and I! From our initial phone conversation to our follow-up call today, Gabrielle has been nothing but patient, understanding, informative...and she listens very well...quite impressive I must say! The fact that my mom was denied coverage from a company...to them referring us to Gabrielle, makes this relationship so much better. She definitely understood what we were going through and what we were trying to accomplish. We definitely can appreciate having an agent, someone to talk to who cares for us and is truly looking out for our well-being. Any questions we had, she answered them confidently and also had suggestions. I never knew the importance of having an agent until now. Gabrielle is such a breath of fresh air and we're SO Glad we're a part of her family now. I would SURELY recommend Gabrielle for anyone looking for LTC Insurance.

Wow, such kind words, thank you! You are a blessing to your family, it was my pleasure to help you to accomplish your goals.


Phil C

Every year Gabrielle provides a review of my policy and its benefits. Her explanations are clear, concise and very understandable. Having a policy is very comforting as I know people who have needed long term care.

Good for you for taking me up on my offer to review the coverage, it is always wise to stay on top of this.



I first contacted Gabrielle approx.2 years ago; I had been unable to qualify for long term care insurance. Gabrielle stayed with me the entire time, even though my case was difficult. Gabrielle’s own life experiences and compassion are reflected in her professionalism and many successes. After 3 years of my private attempts and failure, Gabrielle was the agent who finally procured a policy for me. If you are looking for more security and contentment, I suggest you call Gabrielle first

It certainly was a tough go, glad that we were able to get it done!


claudette sireilles

I have been dealing with Gabrielle Gelo for several years. She has been an inspiration, a great friend and an excellent agent. Gabrielle is very informative and keeps me abreast of all changes. She has the ability to make me feel so much at ease and explains the policy in layman's terms and it is easier to understand. I am very grateful to have her as my agent. Sincerely, Claudette Sireilles

Your kind words are my reason for doing what I do, thank you.



Bob S

Gabrielle has provided me amazing assistance and offered sincere compassion during my time of need. She is not an insurance agent who sells you a policy and leaves you to fend for yourself when life's circumstances require that you file a claim. I purchased a long term care policy several years ago and today would be stranded without it. Gabrielle assisted me in selecting appropriate coverage and when the need arose, she stepped up in a fashion that amazed me. If you have any questions about long term care insurance, Gabrielle will provide unbiased and honest advice to assist you in your decision process, and she will be there for you in the long term.

It has been my honor to serve you.



Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today. I really appreciate your genuine compassion and concern. It is a rare thing for the insurance company to be on the paying end...but in my case the payoff is a real lifesaver. I know I won't collect the lifetime max, but your advice and calculations guided me to make an informed decision on how long I would need insurance to pay for expenses, and this has been a major stress relief. I've started a "Hero" list - and you rate right at the top of it! Thanks for caring.

Thank you for the kind words, but you have the hero thing wrong Bob, the grace and dignity that you have shown throughout make you the hero. Continued prayers...


Rich Kobylinski

My wife and I just had a phone interview with Gabrielle and it was a very pleasant experience. Gabrielle was extremely knowledgeable about LTC insurance and took the time to answer all of the questions posed such that my wife and I came away with a much clearer understanding of the various options and how we should proceed. I would highly recommend Gabrielle to anyone that is thinking about purchasing LTC insurance.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment about your experience, it helps others feel more comfortable about meeting.


We gave adult children an overview of our extended care strategy this year. It's a strategy built around Gabrielle's long term care products. Family members exclaimed "Thank goodness. We were afraid we'd get stuck paying for your nursing home care!" Thanks for peace of mind. Thanks for giving family the assurance it can continue to care about us, rather than worry about future burdens to care for us.

Wow, that is exactly what this is all about! Let's face it, when we need care our family will make sure we are safe. In my experience our families will be the ones who suffer the full financial, emotional, and physical consequences; having a plan mitigates the consequences. Thanks for such an insightful comment!


Charles & Jeri

Gabrielle was so patient and informative! Felt like a longtime friend! Very knowledgeable of her products! Would recommend her to anyone who is needing insurance. Thank you!!

It was my pleasure, I look forward to being your advocate in the years to come.

Randy Goldsmith

Gabrielle has been great in helping me select my long term care policy as well as my Medigap plan. First, it is a comfort to know I can contact someone who is knowledgeable about the information I need to make a good decision, and second, someone who will guide me through the process. What a great service but more importantly what a great person providing it!

I am especially gratified to see one of my long term care clients seek me out when it is time to make decisions about Medicare. Thanks for the trust and for taking the time to leave a comment so that new clients can be more comfortable with the process. I look forward to remaining your advocate in the years to come.


Phil C

I took Gabrielle's class in which she gave an excellent overview of this surprisingly complicated area of insurance, making it much easier to understand. She also very clearly explained the differences in the various types of policies that are available. Later, when I decided to buy a policy, she patiently took the time needed to balance out all the variables offered by a number of different insurance companies to find a policy that fit my needs and my budget. There was no rush or push to buy anything.

Glad that I could help you sort through a difficult and delicate topic!

Mollie J

I have RA and had been turned down so many times for a Long Term Care Policy that I really doubted Gabrielle could help me. Lo and behold she was able to find me a policy through Mutual of Omaha. The rate was reasonable and I feel so relieved to have this policy. Had it not been for Gabrielle, I would have still not have coverage. Thanks again.

I'm so glad to have been able to help and to be in a position to serve you as your advocate in the future. Your situation highlights the importance of working with an Independent Agent, who's only incentive for recommending a carrier is the best interest of the client. Thank you for taking the time to write!

Carley Snider

Gabrielle Gelo is a very kind and smart agent. She knows her insurance and will not lead you astray. She tells you like it is and works very hard at getting you the results you are looking for. I would recommend her for any insurance need.

Thank you for the kind words, I am glad that I could help.

LTC Duane Byrd

I just finished the annual review of my Long Term Care policy with Gabrielle; she generated a wealth of knowledge about the LTC industry! I'm glad that she's my agent. Gabrielle is second to none!

And I am glad that you are my client, thanks for the trust and the friendship!



Thank you for all your assistance, you make everything crystal clear which is enormously helpful! The word "delight" came to mind, you have been a delight to work with on this journey!

I don't think there is any greater compliment you can give a former teacher than to tell her that she made a complicated subject "crystal clear", THANKS!

David and Beverly Barbour

Long term care insurance is not a subject that most of us care to think about. I want to say thank you for your help in making a difficult task much easier. We now have the insurance and with it comes piece of mind which was not an expected side affect, for us, of the purchase. Thank you again for your help.

You're welcome! You are right, people forget that the function of all insurance is to buy Peace of Mind that a potentially catastrophic risk won't destroy a lifetime of planning.

Debra I

My mother is thriving at (her) assisted living center... thank you for your encouragement and advice when (her) eligibility was in question... She's so grateful for her life there and appreciates it so much! I just want you to know, you have been such a big help... thanks again for your compassion and professionalism .

How wonderful to hear how the Assisted Living has opened up your mom's enjoyment in her elder years, and to know that her long term care insurance made it possible. I am happy to have helped, keep me posted!

Joan Fratezi

When would be a good time to set up phone conversation? Do you have a slide presentation I could review?

I work by appt, let me know if morning, afternoon, or evening works best. Please allow an hour for our meeting as we will go over how these plans work, determine a level of benefit that is right for your situation, then shop the market. If we find something with which you are comfortable we can submit a request for coverage; if not, that is fine too, at least you will have made a more informed decision. I look forward to helping you with this.

Jerry L

Gabrielle, your patience, expertise and caring attitude truly make working with you a pleasure. You know all of the best solutions and help clients sift through to find the correct one. Please don't change a thing.

Thank you Jerry. Everyone is an individual and needs to be treated that way; no one solution fits all.

Mike Schroeder

Hi, Gabrielle. Happy New Year. Sandy and I would like to review the policy and the optional increase in coverage.

Of course Mike. It is important to periodically review these policies, especially when the carrier is offering you the option to add 10% more benefit with no underwriting. I remain your advocate for life with this, I'll call you and we'll figure out a time.


Susan B

Thank you for the time you spent comparing the different companies side by side. It was very informative. I have been putting the purchase of LTC insurance off and you make the process on how to go about it easy and affordable....Thanks again

Thank you for taking the time to write your experience here for others to see. Everyone puts off this discussion, it will help others to see how taking action gave you some peace of mind.

Janine Tate

Gabrielle I wanted to let you know how much I value you as a part of our Partnership. You are so very knowledgeable and also ready and willing to help anyone who needs your assistance. It is a pleasure to be a Partner with you.

Thanks Janine, I agree. The concept and mission of our company to focus only on helping people with long term care solutions is unique. I love the passion that comes from the long term care experiences that you and all of our fellow Partners provide.

Kim A.

Your explanations this morning were great. I will follow through with your recommendations after the holiday! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

You're welcome Kim, this can be a difficult topic to sort through on your own. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, we'll talk after.

Mark Cervantes

Just a quick note to thank you for the great job you performed in assisting reinstate my Long Term Group Insurance. You’re pretty amazing! 

You're welcome Mark. Although I am not the servicing agent on your policy, I am always happy to step in to help someone who has been stranded. It is not unusual for someone who gets their coverage through work to mistakenly let it lapse when they retire or change jobs, especially if the premium was payroll deducted. It would have been nice to have the opportunity to write you on a new policy, and become your agent, but my experience with these carriers is that they really do try to do the right thing. I suspected that we stood a chance at getting them to stretch the rules a little; sometimes it is just a matter of finding someone to go to bat for you. Glad I could help, maybe you can remember me to a friend who also needs to get this done.

Bob Austin

Thanks for your help. It was very interesting and I appreciate your fast response. You saved me a lot of time. Bob

I am happy to help people understand the value of their inforce policies. Generally if you've had your policy more than 2 years you are better off keeping it. It was an eye opener to see what that would have cost you if you were purchasing it today, right? You were wise to have done this when you did.

Leah Palombo

I recently took Gabrielle's class on long term care options. Although there was a lot to learn Gabrielle presented the information in a clear and organized manner. I left with a wealth of information that I'm not sure I would have understood otherwise. This is critical information everyone needs to know! I would hate to ignore this subject or worse try tackling it without all the facts. Thanks Gabrielle.

There really is a lot to know; understanding how to find the right coverage without overinsuring is important. I am glad you found the class helpful.

Carol H

I went to Gabrielle’s NEISD class. She is a wealth of information. I had already chosen a LTC provider about a month before the class. I was unsure if I had made the right decision. The class was excellent. The next day we spoke over the phone and I connected through her web access. She ran comparisons of what I purchased to other company’s offerings. She asked me questions to make sure I had considered other possibilities. We came to the conclusion that I had chosen the best for my situation. She did not try to change my mind or suggest I buy something different. I really appreciate her time and knowledge. I wish I would have talked to her months ago. I struggled with websites trying to learn the ins and outs of LTC. It’s overwhelming. I recommend contacting Gabrielle. 

It was a great class- lots of participation and great questions. I am glad it helped you feel more comfortable with your choices. 

Debra Ives

When Gabrielle says she will be your advocate, please believe this is true. Even though I've only been her client for less than a year she did some research for me when I was faced with problems with my parent's LTC policy paying them. She is thorough, right on point, asks the right questions, and is very compassionate! I would recommend her to anyone!

Thank you Debra, it can be a tough world, we all need to stick together.

Jackie H

Gabrielle gave me some quick comparisons to an existing policy I have which helped put the costs in perspective for me. She didn't try any high-pressure tactics to get me to change my existing coverage. After talking with her, I am more comfortable with the insurance options I am making.

Individual policies do provide more flexible coverage and often better premium, especially for couples; but the group option that you locked in so long ago can't be beat today. Another reason why everyone needs to look at this at a younger age. When you are looking at monthly long term care costs of $3,000 - $6,000 any level of benefit will be meaningful! Glad to have helped.

Carol Ann Large

Anyone can fill out an information sheet, ask you a few questions, and sign you up for any insurance. The secret in Long Term Insurance is the AGENT. I have to say, that if I did not have Gabrielle Gelo as my LTC Specialist, I could not have done it. I am overwhelmed with the care of my husband, and running our small business 70 mi. from home. Gabrielle has taken care of NUMEROUS phone communications, and facilitated compliance from the nursing facilities' bookkeeping departments (which Job would not have the patience to deal with).You will never know what you have to deal with until the time is here. Gabrielle has been there; she is knowledgeable, compassionate, caring. There is only one choice in my opinion.....Gabrielle Gelo.

I am glad I have been able to make this time a little easier; you'll still need some prayers, I can help there too.

Roger Bernabo

I enjoyed the informative process Gabrielle shared about Long Term Care. Her knowledge and personal dedication to the field was apparent. Thanks again Gabrielle.

It was my pleasure Roger.


Thank you for your time and patience during our phone conversation this afternoon. We can sense that you truly work in the best interest of your clients and are very good at what you do! We look forward to your help! Mary Lynn

Bob Fischer

If you are floundering in the sea of information and options regarding LTC, Gabrielle Gelo provides an intelligent, experienced and professional course of action. Gabrielle invested her time to ensure that not only she understood my specific situation but that I also understood it. She even declined to make a recommendation, until I had researched my current policy to provide some specific details. In the end, her recommendation was to keep the current policy with no change! There was no attempt made to "sell me" anything. However, Gabrielle did earn my respect. Thank You.

This kind of planning will make the difference between living a life of independence and dignity and losing all control, and yet many people are fearful of being pushed into a premature decision by a "Sales person". Hopefully your taking the time to comment here about your experience will encourage another to dip his toe in the water, thank you.

Darwin Harp

Gabrielle, thanks so much for the time and effort in guiding us through the maze of information on LTC. Your patience and help guided us to a position where we feel protected at an affordable cost. What a great feeling to have peace-of-mind in our retirement years. Look forward to your help with the medicare decisions we must now face, I know I'm going to get the best advice from a friend, not just another agent.

It is important for people to understand that any level of benefit is going to be welcome when faced with monthly long term care bills of $3000 - $6000, but in the meanwhile the coverage needs to fit comfortably within the budget. I look forward to also helping you to sort through your Medicare options, we'll talk soon Darwin.

Janine Schafer Corn

Gabrielle has been an indispensable agent. Following my father's death, she has supported me in more ways than one. She diligently worked with our carrier and alleviated much that responsibility from me. She dedicated plenty of time assuring we received what we were due. My only regret is not contacting sooner, at the time time of diagnosis, instead of during dad's time with hospice.

One of the greatest pleasure of my job is getting to know my clients, and in this circumstance I also got to know my client's daughter. I always encourage my clients to contact me as soon as possible when they get into a potential long term care situation. In your dad's case it would have eliminated the burden of you traveling 3 hours round trip several times a week to help him. Fortunately he had a carrier with a lot of experience and good customer service and they backdated his request to cover that period. Take care Janine.

Barbie Cahill

Thank you, Gabrielle, for giving me peace of my mind. I don't have to concern myself with aging but instead can concentrate on living!

You go girl!

Robert Danielenko

Thanks very much for your counsel of yesterday morning. I found it very informative and thought-provoking. I appreciate the time you took to explain things to me, in-depth, even though your advice was to stay with MetLife because of my equity there--that was very generous and unselfish of you. You seem to be an excellent agent, and I will recommend you to any friends who decide to invest in Long Term Care insurance.

Referrals are always the best "Thank you" Robert. I'm glad to have helped you and appreciate the trust that you have shown in your referring family and co-workers.
Anyone can fill out an information sheet, ask you a few questions, and sign you up for any insurance. The secret in Long Term Insurance is the AGENT. I have to say, that if I did not have Gabrielle… Read More

Carol Ann Large

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